The US Embassy and Argentine Binational Centers are launching the 2021 Teaching Capacity Building Program by tapping into the expertise of Argentine ELT specialists who have participated in US Embassy sponsored professional development programs. These Teacher Alumni have generously put together a series of FREE webinars to share their best practices and the experience gained in addressing the challenges of remote, in-person and hybrid teaching and learning scenarios.

Bringing together Alumni expertise to support teaching and learning in challenging times.

The webinars will be delivered on Zoom and YouTube from June to November 2021, and will be hosted by  ATICANA, IICANA and ISICANA.

August Program

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Culture and Critical thinking skills explored in the ELT classroom

July 27

Participants will explore what critical thinking is and why it is necessary for the development of intercultural competence. Criteria and activities will be shared to help teachers to implement culture and critical thinking lessons in their current teaching contexts.


Lesson wrappers that spice it up!

June 29

Lesson wrappers contribute to the development of metacognitive skills. Metacognition refers to the awareness and understanding of one’s own thought processes. This skill is considered to be one of the most relevant ones in order to learn a foreign language and progress. In fact, it shapes the way we face learning in general. What are lesson wrappers? How many types are there? How can we apply them both to f2f and virtual environments?


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