The US Embassy and Argentine Binational Centers are launching the 2021 Teaching Capacity Building Program by tapping into the expertise of Argentine ELT specialists who have participated in US Embassy sponsored professional development programs. These Teacher Alumni have generously put together a series of FREE webinars to share their best practices and the experience gained in addressing the challenges of remote, in-person and hybrid teaching and learning scenarios.

Bringing together Alumni expertise to support teaching and learning in challenging times.

The webinars will be delivered on Zoom and YouTube from June to November 2021, and will be hosted by  ATICANA, IICANA and ISICANA.


Teachers and students´ learning paths: narratives of growth

November 16

We have always been aware of our need for growth as educators and life-long learners but the brunt of the pandemic forced us to step up our capacity building efforts. Within the context of a binational center as an American Space , I will share strategies and resources to blaze the trail of our own and our students´ learning journeys in view of the United Nations´ capacity building concept as “transformation that is generated and sustained over time from within”.


TEYL: Useful tips for successful lessons

November 9

In this webinar, we will provide refreshed and updated strategies that can help educators in the teaching of the four language skills (listening, speaking; reading and writing) to “Young Learners” (ages 7 to 12), and “Very Young Learners” (under 7 years of age). First, we are going to discuss the main characteristics of young learners in relation to second language acquisition, and then we are going to offer practical tips for teaching the four skills successfully in the current scenarios. For such purposes, this presentation will address the use of technological tools in blended classes.


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