IICANA and the US Embassy are launching a Teaching Capacity Building Program by tapping into the expertise and experience of Argentine ELT specialists who have participated in US Embassy sponsored professional development programs. These Alumni have generously put together a series of free webinars to help teachers reimagine instruction and enhance learning opportunities in these challenging times.

Bringing together Alumni expertise to support teaching and learning in challenging times.

The webinars will be delivered on Zoom and YouTube from mid August to November 2020, on Tuesdays and some Fridays, from 2:30 to 3:30/3:45 PM.

September Schedule

Assessment: a new standpoint in ELT

September 22nd – 2.30 PM (GMT-3)

In these challenging times we are facing, it is essential to develop our Assessment literacy. We may therefore see how this can help teachers in their classes. It is important to explain how the concept of assessment differs from evaluation and testing and how assessment of and for learning may affect teaching practices.


Ideas for Active Listening: Creating and Exploring from within

September 29th – 14.30 hs (GMT-3)

Promoting active listening in our EFL class in this virtual environment of today may be seen as a challenge, or yet as an opportunity to boost our creativity by exploring diverse strategies and tools at hand. This presentation is intended to share tips, resources and ideas to further active listening through simple tasks, promoting comprehension skills in a practical manner.


October Schedule

Let´s spice up our classes! Songs in ELT

October 6 – 2.30 PM (GMT-3)

Nowadays the web has brought along many artists to the front page. It is also a great tool for us teachers in order to create a pleasant atmosphere in the classroom. Students learn a variety of linguistic and cultural aspects since they may use the song in different activities. What it is interesting is that teachers may use many online tools to enrich this experience.


SOUNDS & RHYTHM: English Pronunciation in Today´s World

October 9 – 14.30 hs (GMT-3)

This presentation offers a variety of activities which focus on pronunciation skills, providing alternatives to integrate both receptive and productive aspects of the English language. Different pronunciation features are addressed and participants will be able to take part in the hands-on tasks presented, as well as to share general notions regarding the teaching and practice of pronunciation.

Online duration: 1 hour. It may include an evaluation activity


Rediscovering Pronunciation

October 13 – 2.30 PM (GMT-3)

How can we help our students to get or improve their English sounds if we never move farther than the pages of the long-established sacred books of English Phonetics? All phoneticians have made exceptional contributions to the field but they tell us very little about HOW to teach pronunciation or remedy faulty sounds in the ordinary language classroom. This talk humbly aims at offering a series of tips on how to deal with pronunciation in ordinary classrooms with ordinary students who want (need ,or have to) learn English for international communication in the 21st century.


Meaning: from images to words

October 20 – 14.30 hs (GMT-3)

In this presentation, we will show how through the development of children´s visual competence it may be possible to engage them actively in the production of language. We will display material that is appealing and relevant to children. We will explain the technique and provide examples for teachers to use in the classroom.


Let´s spice up our classes! Dramatization tools for all

October 27 – 2.30 PM (GMT-3)

Students need to be the center of the learning process, dramatization offers a wide range of activities and techniques teachers may apply to foster agency and to involve students to become active learners


Webinars already done

Effective Formative Assessment Strategies – An ACE approach

September 4 th

In the midst of this remote teaching and learning period due to COVID19, where every teacher and learner has been forced to interact through digital means, almost everyone is talking about formative assessment. So some questions arise: What is formative assessment? Is it really important? Is it useful? Not only will we learn how important and useful it is but we’ll also discuss a large variety of the most effective formative assessment strategies to help students achieve success.

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Classroom Management in virtual classrooms

September 15th

Class norms, expectations, contracts, schedules, grouping techniques, etc. How can we manage all these aspects? This webinar paves the way for reflection and provides useful tips to embrace virtual learning and teaching in a positive way, including ideas to get ready and ace it in your virtual lessons. Provide a safe haven for your students in your virtual classes and add these tips to your first aid kit for current times!

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