Examen de Diagnóstico para presentarse a Becas Fulbright

English Diagnostic Test to apply to Fulbright Programs


Listening Section 40´

Part 1: Answering Questions : 20 short questions, 4 options for each one.
Part 2: Understanding Statements : 20 short statements , 4 options to paraphrase.
Part 3: Comprehending Dialogs, 10 short dialogs with a question at the end and 4 options for the answer.

Structure Section 45´

75 items to be answered in 45 minutes.
Complete the blanks with the right option, 4 options

Vocabulary Section 35´

75 items to be answered 35´

Part 1: 35 sentences with blanks to fill in.
Part 2: 40 short definitions. 4 options.

There´s no Speaking or Writing Section.
The Listening Section is played only once.

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